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KFStone Battlegrounds Online Tournament

Entry fees: 10 CHF - Online

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tournament.

To register : 

After filling out the form on the right, you will receive an email containing the information for the next steps.
This Battlefy link will only be used for registration and player check-in. Once the tournament is launched, everything will happen via the Discord KFSTONE server (under the dedicated channels for the occasion) https://discord.gg/qmv8eAY.

Qualification process : 
Check-in of all players on Battlefy from 9am to 9:15am. Only check-in players will be taken into account and will be able to participate in the tournament!
All players will be divided into four randomly generated pools of 8 players. The tournament will take place in 3 rounds:

1st Round of 3 Games to define the Top4 of each pool that will move on to Round 2.
2nd Round of 3 Games to define the Top4 of each pool that will go to the Grand Final.
3rd Round, the Grand Final which will take place over 5 Games.

After each game, points will be distributed as follow:

1st: 8pts - 2nd: 7pts - ... - 7th: 2pts - 8th: 1pt

The Top4 of each pool qualifies for the next round, the others are eliminated. If two players have the same number of points at the end of the 3 games, the player with the best place in the last game will be qualified. If two players lose in the same round, the ranking given by the game will be used. The top 4 of the final group will be rewarded with CashPrize as follows:
1st: 100 CHF
2nd : 75 CHF
3rd : 50 CHF
4th : 25 CHF

Tournament follow-up: In order to know your pool throughout the different rounds of the tournament, a Google Sheet will be available to you, and updated regularly. It will be ready at the beginning of the tournament (between 9:15 and 9:30 am), to give you time to create the game and invite your opponents. In order to find your name in the list of pools you just have to use the command (ctrl + F) directly in the Google Sheet file. The first player on the list of each pool of the Google Sheet will have to invite the other players of his pool in a 8-player game of Battlegrounds. The player at the top of the pool will have to summarize at the end of each game the result of the Lobby to the Tournament Admins so we can report the score. 

Questions and disputes: If a player is missing after 10 minutes, please notify the @Moderator or @Admin and start the game. Players are responsible for their internet connections, we will not re-launch a lobby for individual concerns. Communication for the entire tournament, between players, and with the administrators will be in English/French and via our Discord (https://discord.gg/qmv8eAY.


  1. 100
  2. 75
  3. 50
  4. 25


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