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Season 2 - IIIe Bulle

The KFStone's second season is about to start !

Join us on Sunday the 24th of February 2019 in Café IIIe in Bulle and bring your best decks when entering the tavern !

The registration is done either on our website http://www.kfstone.ch/ or directly in the pub on the 24th until 9h45 the latest (if there are still available spots). Don’t forget to also join our discord (https://discord.gg/93tAr4) to meet future participants, speak about beers and strategy or ask questions to our admins.

Players of any level are welcome and don’t forget to bring with you either your laptop, tablet or simply your phone (with charger) along with an up-to-date version of Hearthstone (We won’t be able to provide any device!).

The Café IIIe will provide a wireless connexion and will offer the participants and spectators a variety of beers as well as food on the spot.

The participation fee is set to CHF 5 and the three first players will share a total cash prize of 300 CHF split as follows.

1st : CHF 150.-
2nd : CHF 100.-
3rd : CHF 50.-

The rules

The tournament will in the first phase be held as a Swiss round played in BO5s. Each participant will face opponents with same results during 5 to 6 rounds. This first phase will allow us to define the top 8 players who will continue the competition which will be held in a second phase. That phase will be direct elimination until a winner is found !

We encourage the players who have been eliminated to challenge others players attending the event. You will have the opportunity to use the Brawl from our Fireside Gathering or enjoy the finales that will be casted by our talented casters.

At the start of each match, every player will announce his 4 classes and his opponent will choose the deck he is banning. Moreover, every player can only play one deck of each class, it is not possible to have two decks from the same class in a lineup.

The tournament will be held exclusively in Standard mode with the “Conquest” format: a player has to have won with all his decks to triumph. When a player wins with one deck he is forced to change. The loser can choose to continue with the same deck or change for another one from his lineup.

Several referees will be there to collect the results as well as make sure the tournament goes smoothly.

We are looking forward to seeing you in numbers and motivated on Sunday the 24th of February !

KFStone board

--> Battlefy bracket


1st : CHF 150.-

2nd : CHF 100.-

3rd : CHF 50.-


 1. Bozo#2842

 2. Alexhantson#2613

 3. Dokhan#2936

 3. Valou#2102

 5. Sparx#21127

 5. KenjiTran#2925

 5. KarpetMan#2871

 5. Flob#2914

 9. Chocominou#2652

10. Bluetoy#21340

11. ZERO3023#2308

12. Snipy#2293

13. Iberix#2478

14. Kyrushin#2196

15. Mars#21537

16. Snoww#21665

17. Yoyokix#2004

18. QuiKlaque#2198

19. Ostralion#2783

20. Snow98ch#2765

21. Arn0#21497

22. Kahogane#2434

23. Leguerier#2550

24. Grymiix#2943

25. Effymia#2890

26. Padamazing#2894

27. Mandroom#1588

28. Biten0#2247

29. Mashadow#2342

30. Lenox17#2124